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Utkarsh Dhiman I am a web developer with creative thinking and management skills. I'm persuing b.tech in Computer Science and Engineering. Despite that I don't know how to repair your 'printer'. I like to expand my knowledge about stuff in web and how it works.
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Meme Generator A simple meme generator using Canvas. Ingredients: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Open Github Repo
theExecryptioner A chrome extension for encrypting text, text files and vice-versa. Ingredients: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Github Repo
scrollSpy A script that can spy for internal links present within the viewport and correspondingly add a CSS class to its pointer link. It works without any dependencies like jQuery. Ingredients: JavaScript Open Github Repo
Social Engineering Design and Front end for the blog about social engineering and awareness regarding it. Content owner Ashwani Kumar. Ingredients: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Open Github Repo
Custom Frontend for Google Form There may be cases when you need a consistent design for your website. Although you can always create your form with a server and database but embedding Google form in your website can be much easier and economical. Read
Regular Expressions - not so regular! Regular Expressions aka RegEx. or RegExp. are powerful tools widely used for pattern matching within strings. They are supported by almost all programming languages. Read
Beginners Guide to Networking & Security Getting started with networking and security. Use of various tools and applications for better understanding of networking fundamentals. Read
Stain vs code theme
Stain theme for VS Code I tried various themes over the marketplace some too colorful, too dark or with a little contrast. I created my theme which is neither too dull nor too bright. Github
JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures 2020 FreeCodeCamp Verify
Responsive Web Design 2020 FreeCodeCamp Verify